Wish Granters was founded in 2010 to grant Wishes to adults 18 and older who have terminal illnesses and who live in Ada and Canyon counties. We come into the lives of these individuals and give them something to look forward to and something to hold on to, at a time when they need it the most. We also give their families a memory they can have forever.

We hope you will want to help these Dreams come true. Our biggest need is the funding to get the Wishes done as soon as possible. Time is not something the people we work with have a great deal of. Sometimes we may have months to complete Wishes; sometimes it is weeks; and in the case of emergency Wishes, we may only have days. The only way these Wishes can happen is if we have your support; as an individual or a business, we need you to make a donation of whatever amount you can. You can make that donation on this website or by mailing one to us.

We did our first Wish in December of 2010, and as of the time of this writing, we are heading toward 170 wishes completed with more coming in all the time. Thank you for your consideration. Please take some time to look at our website. You will see Wishes that have been completed and those we are working on, as well as events we have coming up, sponsors who have helped us, and how to contact us.

Doug Raper
Founder/Executive Director
Wish Granters Inc.