Wish Granters Mission

Wish Granters mission is to grant the wishes of terminally ill adults in our service area, providing joy, hope, and fulfillment to their lives. We strive to create a compassionate and supportive environment for them, where their dignity and respect are upheld. Our wish-granting program is designed to create lasting memories for them and their loved ones to cherish forever. We encourage compassion, kindness, and understanding towards those who are facing the end of their lives.


Wish Granters Vision

Our vision is to create a world where every terminally ill adult in Idaho has the opportunity to experience joy, hope, and fulfillment by granting their deepest wishes. We believe that every person deserves to live their life to the fullest, regardless of their health condition. Through our wish-granting program and growing community partnerships, we strive to bring comfort, happiness, and peace to those who are facing a terminal illness. We envision a world where terminally ill adults are surrounded by love, compassion, and support, and where their wishes are granted with dignity and respect. Our ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of those who are suffering and to help them create lasting memories that will be cherished by their loved ones forever.


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A shout out to our recent wish recipients and their family members. These are a few photos of recent wishes.  Our Wish Program continues to provide wishes to adults facing a terminal illness.

Granting Wishes, Giving Hope and Creating Lasting Memories. Thank you for your continued support.

Woman and daughter in Hawaii

Shelia’s wish was to go to Hawaii with her three children. The family had so much fun together and made priceless memories. A note from Shelia: “The trip was wonderful! Zip lining was a blast! We were so high all I could do was laugh and scream at the same time hahaha. Thank you to everyone who made this experience possible, I am truly grateful.” Our thanks to The Umauma Experience for making the zip lining possible; and our thanks to Airbnb hosts Jackie and Bryan for their part in making Shelia’s wish come true.  

Two men standing on a balcony

Terry’s wish was for new sod in his backyard so he could enjoy time outside with his family. Our thanks to Swan Falls Sod Farm and Klay Maxwell and sons for their help in making Terry’s wish come true.

New flooring

 Dan’s wish was to receive new flooring in one room of his house. Our thanks to Meridian Flooring Covering and Chris Fenton for their help in making Dan’s wish come true. Dan and his wife are so happy with their new floors!

Man standing next to a playset with two girls playing

Mike’s wish was for a new swing set in his daughter’s backyard so he could enjoy watching his grandchildren play.  This is what the family said: “Thank you so much for everything you have done. You helped make my Dad’s dream of a great back yard come true. The girls can’t get enough of their new play set! We want to thank you again and everyone who helped make my Dad’s wish come true.” A thank you to Lifetime Outlet for helping to make Mike’s wish happen.