Wish Granters Mission

Wish Granters mission is to grant the wishes of terminally ill adults in our service area, providing joy, hope, and fulfillment to their lives. We strive to create a compassionate and supportive environment for them, where their dignity and respect are upheld. Our wish-granting program is designed to create lasting memories for them and their loved ones to cherish forever. We encourage compassion, kindness, and understanding towards those who are facing the end of their lives.


Wish Granters Vision

Our vision is to create a world where every terminally ill adult in Idaho has the opportunity to experience joy, hope, and fulfillment by granting their deepest wishes. We believe that every person deserves to live their life to the fullest, regardless of their health condition. Through our wish-granting program and growing community partnerships, we strive to bring comfort, happiness, and peace to those who are facing a terminal illness. We envision a world where terminally ill adults are surrounded by love, compassion, and support, and where their wishes are granted with dignity and respect. Our ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of those who are suffering and to help them create lasting memories that will be cherished by their loved ones forever.


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A shout out to our recent wish recipients and their family members. These are a few photos of recent wishes.  Our Wish Program continues to provide wishes to adults facing a terminal illness.

Granting Wishes, Giving Hope and Creating Lasting Memories. Thank you for your continued support.

Family of six posing in a living room

Jeff’s wish was to bring his daughter and family here from Mississippi so he could spend time with them and meet his great grandson for the first time – so special! This is the message we got from his daughter after the trip: “We had the most amazing visit, and we are so thankful to Wish Granters for making my dad’s wish (and mine) of having all of his family come out to see him before he passes. Liam had the best time meeting his great grandpa. The week was perfect […] We would like to thank everyone again for making this possible for our family.”


Hannah’s wish was to go to Dallas with her husband and son to visit family. They had a wonderful time; and spending time with her three year old granddaughter was a highlight of the trip! 

Kitchen with new flooring

Dee’s wish was for new flooring in her mobile home.  She was absolutely speechless when she walked into her home and saw the new flooring .  She was so pleased with the results.  Our thanks to Tony’s Floor Covering and RC Willey for making Dee’s wish come true!

Woman standing by a shower with purple towels

Jean wanted her bathroom remodeled so that she could safely shower at home again.  Jean is so excited that the project is complete!  Since her favorite color is purple, one of our board members even bought her purple towels to put in the completed bathroom.  Our thanks go out to John at Drake Mechanical, Jesse and Steve at Custom Bath, Michael at Valley Glass, and Troy at Optimum Plumbing for their help in making Jean’s wish come true.