Wish Granters Mission

Wish Granter’s mission is to improve the quality of life of terminally ill Idaho adults and their primary caregivers, by granting them wishes and by supporting projects in their local communities, thereby providing opportunities for these adults and their loved ones to have lasting memories to cherish forever.


Wish Granters Vision

To make a positive impact on the lives of all terminally ill adults across the State of Idaho.


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A shout out to our recent wish recipients and their family members. These are a few photos of recent wishes.  Our Wish Program continues to provide wishes to adults facing a terminal illness.

Granting Wishes, Giving Hope and Creating Lasting Memories. Thank you for your continued support.

Woman holding dog sitting in a recliner

Cathy’s wish was for a lift chair so she could more easily get up. Cathy said it’s perfect!  Many thanks to Norco for donating this chair and making Cathy’s wish come true.

Two men installing windows

Tom wanted new windows so that his wife could be warmer in their home.  Tom and his wife were thrilled with the new windows.  Many thanks to Window World for their help in granting this wish (this is the SECOND time Window World has helped make a wish come true).


Woman riding electric trike

Jessica’s wish was to have an adult electric trike so it is easier for her to get around.  The trike was delivered this week and Jessica was ecstatic!  Thank you to George’s Cycles for helping make this wish come true!

Two men and two women eating dinner at a restaurant

Ed’s wish was to have his daughter and son come for a visit and have a special dinner out with them as a family.  Many thanks to Chandler’s for hosting the family for dinner.  Ed was so thankful and said they had a memorable time.