Wish Granters Mission

Wish Granter’s mission is to improve the quality of life of terminally ill Idaho adults and their primary caregivers, by granting them wishes and by supporting projects in their local communities, thereby providing opportunities for these adults and their loved ones to have lasting memories to cherish forever.


Wish Granters Vision

To make a positive impact on the lives of all terminally ill adults across the State of Idaho.


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A shout out to our recent wish recipients and their family members. These are a few photos of recent wishes.  Our Wish Program continues to provide wishes to adults facing a terminal illness.

Granting Wishes, Giving Hope and Creating Lasting Memories. Thank you for your continued support.

Young boy holding a stuffed bear and a frog

Kathleen (Kathy’s) wish was to take her grandson to Build a Bear.  Because she was too sick to go along, her grandson went with his parents.  He picked out two bears.  The green frog is named “ Hero” as that is grandma’s bear, and it is dressed in a superhero outfit. They were able to record her voice saying “I love you” and it was put in the frog. Because she is his hero, that’s how the name came about, plus green is her favorite color. His other bear he put in a military outfit and he named it “Reese.”  Such a simple yet beautiful wish.

Woman in recliner with three kids gathered around her

Bernie’s Wish was to have family fly in from Florida.  This is what her daughter had to say about the wish:  “It’s hard to give a few details that made our trip home perfect, because everything about it was perfect. Seeing my mom’s absolute abundance of JOY will be the memory for all of us that we will carry with us always. My mom said on many occasions that she’s not sure why she was picked for this wish.  She felt a little guilty-there must be others that need it more.  What she didn’t understand was that my children, husband and I were those ‘others’.”

Woman and Man in a booth at a hockey game

Rowland’s wish was to attend a Steelheads Hockey game with his family.  He passed away before it could happen, but we were able to bring the family to the arena to watch the game and remember Rowland.  Thank you to Tyson Baker of Baker Auction Co. for donating the suite for the family to use at the game; and thanks to Nate Jordan and Idaho Central Arena for donating the food for the family.


Three men, two women in kitchen by counter laden with food

Dean’s wish was to have his daughter fly in from Arizona for a visit and to host a family dinner for 20 people at their home.  Thanks to Twisted District Brew Co in Garden City for making this happen.  Not only did they donate a prime rib dinner for 20 but they also paid for the daughter’s airline ticket.  Thanks to Twisted District for making wishes come true!