• Wish Granters is an amazing organization. My wife was slated to be the recipient of a wish, but she passed before her wish could be fulfilled. The amazing folks at Wish Granters still gave the guided fishing trip to my sons in memory of their mom - an amazing experience at Henry's Lake in East Idaho. Thank you Wish Granters!
    Scott M.
  • In February 2015, Wish Granters sent us to Alaska to see the Aurora Borealis. We were able to witness one of nature’s most beautiful visual spectacles. While the sky was dancing, so were our hearts. My wife, son, and I stood in awe, bursting with excitement and ear-to-ear smiles. My son and I saw a wife, a mom who suffered mightily, restored, and free of suffering. Cancer took her life, but because of the amazing, caring, and dedicated people at Wish Granters, along with the kindness and generosity of the donors, we were able to experience this incredible moment in time. The photographs and memories will live forever.
    Sean L.
  • It's hard to give a few details about what made our trip perfect because everything about it was perfect. Seeing my mom's absolute abundance of JOY will be the memory that we carry with us always. She loved getting to see the constant laughter and shenanigans that her grandkids are always up to. Her grandkids are her everything, and seeing them together means the world to her. Thank you, Wish Granters, for the opportunity for us to spend that time with my mother.
    Corinna P.
  • In November of 2014, my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and was given a low chance of survival. She fought hard, but in 2017 Wish Granters stepped in and offered my mom a wish. She asked that they buy me a wedding dress so she could be a part of that experience with me. The day before she passed away we were able to go shopping and find my dress! Not having my mom there physically on my wedding day was extremely hard, but having her still get to be a part of it was something that means so much to me. Thank you so much Wish Granters - I will forever be grateful for your generosity!
    Jessica C.
  • This trip meant everything to my family. Saying thank you does not seem like enough. I will be reaching out soon to donate towards the next family in line to go to Disneyland.
    Amy C.
  • Seeing these wishes granted makes my day. No, my year! It’s so amazing!! I can’t thank the Wish Granters team enough.
    Cynthia G.
    (hospice social worker)
  • Wish Granters is a phenomenal organization! More awareness needs to be spread about this great team of people. The cause is noble and the need is very real. I encourage anyone reading this to take some time out and really dive into the work being done on a daily basis by these amazing people.
    Fernando D.
  • [My patient told me that]... Wish Granters helped to send an electrician to the home who found the issue with the hot water heater and got it fixed. They now have hot water in their home. I cannot thank you enough for all your help! You are all true angels!! Thank you again!! 
    Rick H.
  • "There are no words that can express my gratitude and joy to have my final wish granted. Thank you to everyone at Wish Granters and everyone who has donated to this wonderful charity. May God give you all special blessings in your lives, as He has in mine." 
    Deborah R.