Wishes Granted in 2011

James – (cancer) wished to have his granddaughter flown in to visit him for Christmas

Anna – (heart & liver disease) wished for a new king size bed

Denise – (cancer) wished to travel to New York City

Richard – (cancer) wished for a hot tub

Sharon – (COPD) wished for a female Bichon puppy

Jesse – (cancer) wished for a family trip to Disneyland

Sara – (cancer) wished for a family trip to Disneyland

Ron – (cancer & heart disease) wished for a new washer and dryer for his family

Norma – (liver disease) wished for family to visit

Terry – (cancer) wished to visit Arlington National Cemetery

Marvin – (cancer) wished to have his backyard landscaped

Santiago – (cancer) wished for assistance with his home so that he could adopt his grandchild

Barbara – (heart disease) wished for dinner with her daughters at Louie’s

Oliver – (cancer) wished to attend the Idaho State Fair with his wife

Aeran – (leukemia) wished for a family vacation to Maui

Steve – (cancer) wished for a new for his backyard

Christopher – (brain cancer) wished to take a tour of the Mountain Home Air Force Base

Lance – (Erdhiem Chester disease) wished for 3 foot high raised garden beds to continue to work in his garden

Larry – (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) wished for a roll in shower

David – (end stage renal failure) wished to travel to New York with his wife

Jim – (cancer) wished to attend a Nascar race with his wife and step-son

Wayne – (cancer) wished for a new wood storage shed

Bill – (cancer) wished for a fishing trip at Hells Canyon with his son and grandsons

Veronica – (cancer) and wished to travel to Waldport, Oregon with her husband and four year old son

Michael – (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) wished to have his 1967 Camero Super Sport restored

Paul – (cancer) wished to meet Boise State Bronco football players

Kendall – (cancer) wished to travel to Newport, Oregon with her family

John – (cancer) wished (as a retired pilot) to go on one last flight around the valley

Don – (cancer) wished for new carpet to be installed to give his family comfort for years to come

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