Wishes Granted in 2016

Roy – has heart disease and had a friend fly in to see him in June

Rick – has cancer and rode a horse in June

Betty – has cancer and went to Arkansas to see family in June

Judy – has cancer and learned to surf in June

Micheil – has cancer and went to Oregon for his son’s wedding in May

Maureen – has cancer and went with her family for a day at Wahooz in April

Fred – has kidney failure and went on a train ride in April

Stephanie – has cancer and flew to Orlando for a family vacation in March

Lee – has Parkinson’s and went to Wilder for his Dad’s 90th Birthday in March

Daniel – has cancer and was able to hold a Cigar Box Guitar Festival in March

Sharon – has COPD and stayed at a local hotel with her daughter in February

Jimmie – has cancer and went to the Daytona 500 in February

Larry – has cancer and went to Arizona with his wife in January

Kimberly – has cancer and went to San Diego to swim with the dolphins in January

Jennifer – has COPD and went to San Diego to see her family in January

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