Wishes Granted in 2017

Laura – (Breast Cancer)  Wished to take a family trip with her husband & 9-year- old son to Universal Studios. We purchased the airfare & Universal Studio tickets ; thanks to Karmel Shuttle’s donation for transportation to/from the airport and Hilton Los Angeles Universal City’s donation of three nights stay Laura & her family were able to go to Universal Studios and have a great time.

Keith – (Cancer) Wished to have an old awning torn down and a new one built in his backyard. We purchases part of the supplies,  Home Depot donation of part of the supplies &  Skills USA Idaho donated all of the labor.

Ryan – (Brain Cancer) Wished for a gaming laptop. We were able to fulfill his wish and buy his laptop & a carrying case at a discounted rate thanks to Best Buy.

Steve – (Malignant Melanoma) Wished for a Steak Dinner from Lock Stock and Barrel. We purchased two steak dinners and delivered to him so he could enjoy a nice steak dinner with his roommate at the life care center.

Gary – (Prostate Cancer) Wished to go on a country drive and get a bite to eat.
Raymond – (Colon Cancer) Family of 4 to New York for Macy’s Day Parade.  Thank you professional Athlete Kris Gethin to help get Raymond and his family to NY & give them over 2k in spending money for the trip

Tracy – (Lung Cancer) Wished for him & his family to attend BSU game.

Sandra – (End Stage Renal disease & Heart Failure) New floor to be installed in her kitchen and bathroom , while this was in progress her heater went out -she wished for  heater instead, she was granted both the flooring and heater.

Mable – (Heart Failure) Wished for a new hearing aid.

Maria – (Heart disease) Wished to have skirting placed and  a heat lamp  around her fifth wheeler that she lives in so her pipes wouldn’t freeze.

Christine – (Heart Disease) Wished to spend time around Horses. She visited Horses on October 2017.

Archie – (Cancer) Wished and was able to visit the Oregon Coast with Family September 2017 . Thank you to Rent for Fun in Nampa, Robben Rent a Car , & Inn at Wacoma Lincoln , Oregon.

Reva & Zee the Cat – (Cancer) Wished to have her Cat name Zee to be taken to her long term friend so he could live a life in his new home in the Boston area. Thank you Linda who Donated her time to take Zee and to Hilton Garden Boston Logan Airport  for giving the room for Linda to stay in for the night . Also thank  you to Kool Oldies Radio and sister Company The Bull.

Michael–  (Myotonic Dystrophy) A Mounted Television on the wall; now he can watch his programs from multiple view areas . Special mention to Best Buy for making it more affordable!

Floyd – Wished granted for a remodeled backyard.

Scott – Wished granted to go to Disneyland with his family. Thank you to Disneyland for helping donate to make this wish come true.

Janet –  (Cancer) Wished to go to Lagoon with her family.

Mark – (Cancer) Wished granted  for a remodeled backyard. A huge thank you to Home Depot for helping make this wish happen.

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