Wishes Granted in 2018

Elaine– (Neoplasm of colon) Elaine wanted to visit her family in Florida.

Scott– (COPD) Scott wanted  a new lift chair.

Betty– (COPD) Betty wanted a new lift chair.

William– (Hodgkin Lymphoma) William wanted to rent an RV to visit his family on the east coast.

Donald– (COPD) Donald wanted some new western wear.

Sandra – (Bladder Cancer) Sandra wanted to take a trip to Seaside, OR with her husband.

Kimberly– (COPD) Kimberly wanted to attend the dinner theater at Mountain River Ranch.

Gilbert– (Heart Disease) Gilbert wanted a new lift chair.

Daniel– (Cancer) Daniel wanted roofing repairs done on his home to ensure his wife does not have to worry.

Ralph – (Cancer) Ralph wanted a new pillow top mattress.

Jerome– (Cancer) Jerome wanted to go skydiving.

Bob– (Rectal Cancer) Bob wanted to visit Opryland in Nashville, TN.

Anthony– (Appendix Cancer) Anthony wanted to take a trip to Disneyland with his family.

Dennis– (Prostate Cancer) Dennis wanted a Kitchenaid mixer with accessories to make baking easier.

Charles– (Liver Cancer) Charles wanted to take a flight over the Treasure Valley.

Les– (Malignant neoplasm of temporal lobe) Les wanted to take flight in a Kit Fox bush airplane.

William– (Kidney Cancer) William wanted to visit his family in South Carolina.

Tommy– (Colon Cancer) Tommy wanted to meet Keith Urban.

Trent– (Colon Cancer) Trent wanted to take a shopping trip to purchase something special for his wife.

Pam– (COPD) Pam wanted a tablet to use to connect and communicate with family cross country.

Steven– (Bile Duct Cancer) Steven wanted to take a trip in an RV with his wife to visit family in CA.

Lynda – (Breast Cancer) Lynda wanted to take a trip to Idaho City on a Harley.

Hillary – (Breast Cancer) Hillary wanted to take a trip to Disneyland with her family.

Randy– (Colon Cancer) Randy wanted to take a flight over the Treasure Valley.

Diana– (Heart Disease) Diana wanted to visit her hometown in Anacortes, WA.

LeAnn– (End Stage Renal Diseasse) LeAnn wanted to visit her 3 sons in Seattle, WA.

Ann – (Heart Disease) Ann wanted to attend her brothers memorial service in Colorado.

Sherman – (End stage Parkinson’s) – Sherm wanted nothing more than to be home at his cabin on Warm Lake. With help from Ramp It Up Transportation and his hospice, we were able to make this wish come true.

Michael – (Colon Cancer) Michael wanted nothing more than to be home with his family to be close enough to make more memories. We were able to assist Michael, his wife, and 2 younger children move home to be with their family.

Anna – (Heart Disease) Anna is a 23 year old with Cardiomyopathy and wanted to take a trip to Disneyland with her family

Russell – (Stage 4 esophageal cancer) Russell wanted to take a trip to Crater Lake with his wife

Donald – (Congestive Heart Failure) Don is a Vietnam veteran Bird Dog pilot and wanted nothing more than to “be in the air again” and Don was able to take flight once again

Sam – (Prostate Cancer) Sam wanted to ride in the classic Italian car an Alfa Romeo once again. With help from a generous man named Max, Sam was able to go for a ride in both a 1970 Alfa Romeo Guilia Super Biscione 1600 AND 1963 Alfa Romeo Giuliette Berlina T.I.

Jerry – (Leukemia) Jerry wanted his backyard landscaping touched up for his wife. With help from some wonderful volunteers we were able to have this wish come true.

Eugena – (End Stage Renal Disease) Gena wanted a tablet to do genealogy research and connect with her family in Utah on social media. We were able to purchase a Fire HD tablet for her and deliver it to the life care facility she is living in.

Lynn – (CHF, Cardiomyopathy) Lynn was also born with a club foot and has had to have custom made boots to fit his needs. The work boots he had weighed 11 pounds total and Lynn wanted lighter weight custom boots. Thanks to Rosendahl we were able to grant Lynn’s wish.

Carrie – (Cervical Cancer) Wanted to share her story to impact someone’s life and inspire them to be screened for cancer, avoiding a late stage cancer diagnosis. With the help from Blue Chip Media we were able to complete her wish with a beautiful video to share.

Jeff  – Wished to meet Gene Simmons from the band KISS. He was not only able to meet him, but also Drummer Eric Singer. Thank you to Dennis Combs and his Co-pilot Will for flying them in the Combs plane to Burbank, California where Jeff and his wife Wendy had rockin’ good time!

Angela – (Cancer) Wished to bring her daughter and son in law from  California to stay and visit with her , we were able to purchase two airline ticket for them to both come stay and visit with Angela.

Vanessa – (Cancer) Wished for a split adjustable bed to sleep near her husband . We granted this wish with the help of Meridian Home furnishings donation of a California King split adjustable bed so Vanessa can now sleep next to her husband again.

Brent – (Cancer) Wished for a 55 inch 4k Smart Television, thanks to Best Buy discounting the Television we were able to grant Brent’s wish.

Peter – (Renal Failure) Wished to go to Jackpot, NV with his wife Mable and celebrate their 56th wedding anniversary at Cactus Pete’s Resort Casino and The Horseshu Hotel Casino. We provided some spending money & thanks to Cactus Pete’s Resort donation of two nights stay & dinner for four adults he was able to go enjoy his wish.

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