Wishes Granted in 2019

 Ted– (cancer) wanted to take his wife out for their 56th wedding anniversary

Laura – (Creutzfeldt Jakob disease) wanted to visit her son in California

Rodger – (Lung Cancer): wanted to visit DC war museums

Stephen – (small cell lung cancer) wanted to attend a Seahawks vs. 49ers game

Tamara– (metastatic breast cancer) wanted to visit Hawaii

Kimberly– (Breast cancer) wanted a trip to New York with her family

Michael – (Parkinson’s Disease) wanted a portable wheelchair ramp

Winifred – (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) wanted a blessing bike

Trische – (stage IV colon cancer): wanted to travel to Disneyland with her family

Camille – (multiple system atrophy) wanted a play set to enjoy with her children

Terry– (sarcoma cancer) wanted new flooring installed in his home

Verla – (cancer) wanted a kindle tablet

Sharon – (Alzheimer’s Disease) wanted a lift chair

Matthew – (cancer) wanted to attend the LA Dodgers versus the Yankees baseball game in California

Robert – (hepatic failure) wanted to attend the Western Idaho Fair with his wife and son

Tom – (Parkinson’s & Dementia): wanted to spend time with a Clydesdale horse

Bob– (congestive heart failure): wanted to visit the Smithsonian with his wife

Howard – (Parkinson’s): wanted a hoyer lift to get outside of his home

James – (esophageal cancer): wanted to attend his grandchild’s high school graduation

Fred – (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease): wanted to be able to purchase a special gift of remembrance for his wife

Dora – (lung cancer): wanted to be with her family in Illinois

Jacqueline – (COPD): wanted to see her son from VA one last time

Tamara – (Breast Cancer): wants a family trip to Lincoln City, OR

Mark– (early onset cerebellar ataxia): wanted to have his family in TN visit and he was able to meet his grandchildren for the first time

Todd – (Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma): New carpeting in his living room and hallway

Cyndi – (Stage 4 Breast Cancer): wanted flights to Hawaii

Teresa – (Heart Failure): wanted a lift chair

Stephen – (Bile Duct Cancer): wanted to drive a Porsche 911 GT3 RS in Vegas

Lydia– (Cancer) wanted family to visit from CA

Jerry– (Heart disease): wanted to take a vacation with his wife to Florida celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary

Brian– (Esophageal Cancer) Brian wanted his daughter and son-in-law to visit from Indiana

Nicole-(Breast Cancer) Nicole wanted a family vacation to Disneyland

Kirby– (Stage 4 cancer) Kirby wanted  to provide gifts for his son and new granddaughter

Debra– (COPD) Debra wanted her friend of over 40 years to visit her from Washington

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