2021 Wishes


Wishes Granted in 2021

Amanda – Metastatic Cancer – Her wish was for a Wish Bag customized with activities for her family.

Goldie – Stage IV Metastatic Sarcoma – Wished for college funds for her four children with the donation made to Wish Granters by a personal friend along with Wish Granters. Sadly Goldie passed away a short time afterwards.

Luke Stage IV Gastric Cancer- Wished for the ability to take his family to Honolulu.

FrankInterstitial lung disease-Wished to be able to receive a lift chair that helps his condition.

Jerry – Wished to receive a scooter chair so he could go fishing again.

Carolyn – Wished to do a pampered day of hair and makeup then do a photo shoot for her husband before having dinner with her husband at Lock Stock & Barrel.

Susan – Wished for beautiful flowers outside her window so she can look outside and see them during the day.

Michael – Malignant Neoplasm of the Brain- Wish was to go to Disney World with his best friend.

Marilyn – Metastatic Breast Cancer- Wished for a lift chair to be able to be near her loved ones.

Judith– Atherosclerosis – Wished for an Ipad to allow her to see her family and friends on Facetime. She also loves to play games which this is also allows her to do.

Kami – A special wish was completed in June in Memory of our Wish recipient Kami. Kami’s husband and his sons fulfilled her wish. Kami wanted to learn how to fly fish, so we set up a guided fly fishing trip on a private lake.

JohnLung Cancer- Wish was to have his own independence in his own bathroom. Re-Bath of Meridian granted his wish by doing a lifted toilet and a roll in shower in his memory. Thank you Re-Bath of Meridian.

Darren – His wish was to take a fishing trip with his son and brother in Hells Canyon.  Hells Canyon Adventures made this wish possible.  

Betty – Her wish was to be with horses and other animals on a farm.  This wish was made possible by Healing Hooves.  

Sam – cancer – Wish was to have a new TV to watch her favorite TV program, The Price is Right.  Many thanks to RC Willey for making this happen.  

Reuben – cancer – His wish was to be able to make a donation to Special Olympics of Idaho, a cause near and dear to his heart.  

Dave – cancer – He wished for a trip to the Oregon Coast with his kids.  Thanks to the Silver Surf Motel and Newport Trade Winds for helping to make this come true.  

Kristen – cancer – Her wish was to to to Hawaii with her husband and children.  Thanks to Alisha Palmer who donated her home and a car to be used during the wish.  

Fred – cancer – He did his own tattoo at the age of 14 and his wish was to cover that tattoo with a duck. Not a “sissy” duck but a great one. Thanks to Kyle at @leveluptattoos who donated his time to make this wish come true.

Bruce – cancer – His wish was to have carpet installed in his home. Thanks to Dillabaugh Flooring, Two Men and a Truck, and Home 2 Suites by Hilton in Nampa for making this wish happen.  

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2020 Wishes

Wishes Granted in 2020

10 Blessing Bags– Personalized Blessing bags given to women living with Metastatic Breast cancer

16 Christmas Wish Bags– Special bags filled with gifts given to terminal cancer patients for Christmas

David– (COPD)- RV41 Inverter

Shelley– (Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer)- Received legal help from CK Quade Law

Brent– (Stage IV Liver Cancer)- Received a refrigerator, couch, loveseat and food for his family of 11. Thanks to the help of RC Willey’s and many donors in our amazing community

Dee – (Systemic Scleroderma with severe lung involvement) Received a Wish Bag filled with items that will be able to fulfill his wish

Korky – (stage IV cancer) Received a Wish Bag filled with items that will be able to fulfill his wish.

Richard-(stage IV cancer) Received a Wish Bag filled with items that will be able to fulfill his wish.

Angela –(stage IV cancer), she took a limo ride by from her home with family and loved one to the Melting Pot in Boise for a wonderful evening out.

Beth – (metastatic  cancer) Received a Wish Bag filled with items that will fulfill needs for herself and her loved ones.

Warner – (78 yr old with COPD) Received a Wish Bag full of grocery gift cards, restaurant gift cards, frozen meals, Wish Granter shirt and treats.

Gregory – (cancer) wants to have his home spray washed and pest control complete

Karri – (ALS) Received a Blessing Bike: Wish Granters teamed up with The Blessing Bike to make this wish come true!

Ronald – (cancer) Received a trip to Arizona with his wife

Michael – (cancer) Received a surprise Christmas party in March for his family

John – (kidney disease) Received an electric scooter for mobility to improve his overall well being

Lawrence– (cancer) Received a catered meal to enjoy with his loved ones

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2019 Wishes


Wishes Granted in 2019

 Ted– (cancer) wanted to take his wife out for their 56th wedding anniversary

Laura – (Creutzfeldt Jakob disease) wanted to visit her son in California

Rodger – (Lung Cancer): wanted to visit DC war museums

Stephen – (small cell lung cancer) wanted to attend a Seahawks vs. 49ers game

Tamara– (metastatic breast cancer) wanted to visit Hawaii

Kimberly– (Breast cancer) wanted a trip to New York with her family

Michael – (Parkinson’s Disease) wanted a portable wheelchair ramp

Winifred – (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) wanted a blessing bike

Trische – (stage IV colon cancer): wanted to travel to Disneyland with her family

Camille – (multiple system atrophy) wanted a play set to enjoy with her children

Terry– (sarcoma cancer) wanted new flooring installed in his home

Verla – (cancer) wanted a kindle tablet

Sharon – (Alzheimer’s Disease) wanted a lift chair

Matthew – (cancer) wanted to attend the LA Dodgers versus the Yankees baseball game in California

Robert – (hepatic failure) wanted to attend the Western Idaho Fair with his wife and son

Tom – (Parkinson’s & Dementia): wanted to spend time with a Clydesdale horse

Bob– (congestive heart failure): wanted to visit the Smithsonian with his wife

Howard – (Parkinson’s): wanted a hoyer lift to get outside of his home

James – (esophageal cancer): wanted to attend his grandchild’s high school graduation

Fred – (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease): wanted to be able to purchase a special gift of remembrance for his wife

Dora – (lung cancer): wanted to be with her family in Illinois

Jacqueline – (COPD): wanted to see her son from VA one last time

Tamara – (Breast Cancer): wants a family trip to Lincoln City, OR

Mark– (early onset cerebellar ataxia): wanted to have his family in TN visit and he was able to meet his grandchildren for the first time

Todd – (Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma): New carpeting in his living room and hallway

Cyndi – (Stage 4 Breast Cancer): wanted flights to Hawaii

Teresa – (Heart Failure): wanted a lift chair

Stephen – (Bile Duct Cancer): wanted to drive a Porsche 911 GT3 RS in Vegas

Lydia– (Cancer) wanted family to visit from CA

Jerry– (Heart disease): wanted to take a vacation with his wife to Florida celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary

Brian– (Esophageal Cancer) Brian wanted his daughter and son-in-law to visit from Indiana

Nicole-(Breast Cancer) Nicole wanted a family vacation to Disneyland

Kirby– (Stage 4 cancer) Kirby wanted  to provide gifts for his son and new granddaughter

Debra– (COPD) Debra wanted her friend of over 40 years to visit her from Washington

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